PCC Attestation

Everything You Need to Know About PCC Attestation
Police Clearance Certificate [PCC] is necessary for travelling abroad. PCC is needed to immigrate, employment, higher studies abroad. It is a requirement for getting residential visa, long-term visa etc. PCC is not given for ...

Positive Visa Waiver for Expats Family

UAE Announces Visa Renewal for Dependent Sons Over 18 
On Wednesday, the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced the renewal of residency visa for 18-year-old dependent sons of UAE residents up to two consecutive years. The dependent sons who have just graduated from university, those who are reaching the ...

Exciting News For Indian Expats

UAE Announced Charges for New Long Term and Multi Entry Visas
On Saturday, the UAE government announced charges for Long term UAE residence visas with 10-year validity and five-year validity. As per the announcement, 10-year validity UAE visa ...

Saudi Cabinet Approves Privileged Iqama Residency permits for Expats
Green Card

A Welcome Move For Indian Expats in Saudi
On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia’s Cabinet approved the new residence scheme “Privileged Iqama” that allows expats to live and work in Saudi without a Saudi national as a sponsor. The new “Privileged Iqama” ensures eligible residents a set ...

Great News for Indian Investors and Expats in UAE

UAE Announces Permanent Residency Visa Scheme “Golden Card” for Investors and Exceptional Talents
On Tuesday UAE announced a new permanent residency visa scheme named “Golden Card” for investors and residents in UAE. The new scheme of “Golden ...