Why Is It Necessary To Get Nursing Degree Certificate Attested?

Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation

Need For Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation

A nursing job is one of the noblest and demanding job in the medical field. A nursing job has a wide scope all over the world. It is the most wanted professions in the world that demand one's time and dedication. 

Over the past few years, the demand for a nursing job has been increasing day by day. B.Sc nursing degree certificate is needed for getting job visas abroad. It is essential to prove the credentials, skills, and knowledge of a licensed nurse. 

Procedures of B.Sc Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation

The main procedures of attestation of degree certificate involve three stages. It can change depends upon the country you are applying for a visa. The basic procedures for B.sc Nursing degree certificate attestation are:

State HRD: The first step is to get your degree certificate from the concerned state HRD department. Each state has their concerned HRD department to do the attestation of educational documents. 

MEA Attestation: The next process is to get the certificates attested from the Ministry of External Affairs. There are two types of MEA attestation. They are Normal MEA Attestation and Apostille Stamp Attestation. According to the Hague convention of 1961, the legalization of documents in foreign countries was abolished. Only one attestation is required to travel to any Hague member countries. Normal attestation is done for non-Hague member countries. 

Embassy Attestation: The last step in attestation of degree certificate is embassy attestation. You have to attest the certificates from the migrating country's embassy in your home country. 

B.Sc Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation for Middle East Countries [UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman] 

The nursing job is always has a high demand in the Middle East countries. More career opportunities for nurses come from the Middle East countries. Due to the strict rules prevailing in the Middle East countries, without a proper nursing registration certificate, you will not get a visa for nursing jobs. There are slight differences in the procedures of B.Sc Nursing degree certificate attestation in the Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. Along with state HRD, MEA and embassy attestation you will also require MOFA attestation for UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain. Embassy attestation is not mandatory for Oman. In Saudi Arabia, Saudi cultural attestation is also required before submitting for the Saudi embassy attestation

Need For B.Sc Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation 

The demand for certified and registered nurses in the Middle East and other countries is on the rise. These countries are looking for qualified nurses who possess the expertise, skill, and knowledge in their profession. The main reason why most nurses prefer other foreign countries because of the high salary offered to them. 

Attestation of the nursing registration certificate is mandatory to prove the authenticity of the documents. It is necessary to verify the skill and qualification of nurses. B.Sc nursing degree certificate attestation is essential in most countries. Without which, your application form will be rejected by the officials. Unlike any other profession, nursing is a profession that supports and provide patient care. Therefore, it is a mandatory requirement to get your nursing certificate attested to prove the credentials of a nurse. 

Only a nurse who has their nursing degree certificate attested get their visa and work permit abroad. Then, they will be able to work and get different career opportunities in healthcare. 

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