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WES Services and verification procedure

WES Services and Verification Procedure By Urogulf 

World Education Services (WES) is an organization that provides credential evaluations for those who plan to study or work in Canada and USA. WES helps students and job seekers by evaluating their educational credentials and thereby authenticating your certificates. WES attestation is not an easy task as you have to go through different departments, ministry and embassies. Therefore, it is always advisable to take the help of a authenticate certificate attestation agency. 
Urogulf Global Services (UGS) is an organization that provides Attestation, Authentication, Verification and related services in India, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. for students, job seekers and spouses. Urogulf helps the candidates to get the WES services by providing educational credentials evaluated from the Universities of India, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. 

How WES Services by Urogulf works :

Contact in person or make a call to our experts in your city, so that they can assist and guide you through the entire process of WES and provide you with necessary information about required documents.  Once you get the necessary details for WES process,

1. Submit the required documents as per University requirements and WES forms to the nearest Urogulf office.
2. Make the payment either at the counter, by a bank or the through online transaction as soon as possible.
3. Our expert document procurement team will prepare an application packet and will take it through the requisite workflow from the source- institutions or University.  
4. Finally, the sealed envelope of the verification report will be sent to the WES centre.Some of the Universities will send it directly to the WES office; they will not send / handover the verification report to the candidates or agencies. Some Universities will send or handover the verification report to the candidates or agencies, which then needs to be sent to the WES office for further procedures.

Duration of WES Verification Procedure : 

The duration of completing the WES process differs for each University. Normally it takes around 15 to 45 working days to complete the process. We can also assist you to get the process completed as soon as possible.
Documents Required for WES services.
The documents that are sent to WES verification procedure depends on the requirements of he university or country that you are intended to traveling. All the documents that are sent to the WES are issued by a  recognized university. 

For further queries related to WES verification procedure, get in touch with Urogulf experts

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