Procedures for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Procedures for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Planning to take your spouse along with you abroad? Everyone wants to bring their spouse along with them if they are working abroad. However, most of them are unaware of the procedures related to it. A certificate of marriage is not enough to take your spouse along with you. Marriage certificate attestation is necessary for completing the procedures of family visa.

What is Marriage Certificate Attestation
Marriage certificate attestation is mandatory for issuing a family visa.  It is necessary to make sure that the marriage certificate is authentic. So, the country that you are planning to travel, verify and attest the document. Their embassy in your home country does the attestation procedure.  Without a marriage certificate attestation, you will not get a family visa. By attesting a marriage certificate, the government approves the authenticity of the document. 

Procedure For Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

These are the procedures related to the marriage certificate attestation in India :

1. HRD [Human Resource Development] Attestation
Human Resources Development [HRD] Attestation is the first phase in marriage certificate attestation. The concerned state HRD department verifies the marriage certificate. They will verify your documents and do the attestation procedure. In each state, the HRD attestation process is almost the same, but the name is different across India.

2. MEA [Ministry of External Affairs] Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs issues MEA attestation. There are two types of marriage certificate attestation. They are Normal attestation and Apostille marriage certificate attestation.

Apostille Marriage Certificate Attestation:

To travel to any Hague member countries, apostille attestation is necessary.

Normal Attestation
It follows the normal attestation procedure. Normal attestation is for non-Hague member countries.

3. Embassy attestation
The embassy or consulate of the country you are going to issues embassy attestation. The Embassy will attest your marriage certificate after verification. 
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