Certificate Attestation Process in India for Immigrating Abroad

Certificate attestation

For immigrating to a foreign country, one should fulfill the immigration policies and procedures provided by the government of that country. It is mandatory for immigrants to submit certain documents to support their visa application. However, have you ever wondered how foreign officials validate the documents submitted by an immigrant? How will they make sure that the documents are not fake and it is indeed issued from the country mentioned in the document?

And the answer to all those questions is certificate attestation. Certificate attestation is the process of attesting documents with an official seal and signature from an authorized official or a department. Certificate attestation legalizes your document so that it can be used abroad for various purposes. 
Certificate attestation process in India varies from state to state based on the type of document one wants to attest. There are various levels of certificate attestation process in India. The main document attestation processes in India are:

State Attestation

State attestation is the first stage in the certificate attestation process in India. The process of state attestation varies based on the state where the document was issued and the type of document one wants to attest. The main state attestation processes are:

HRD Attestation:

It is for attesting government recognized educational documents. The educational documents like degree certificates, SSLC, HSC certificates are attested from the respective HRD departments of the state where one completed their education. 

Notary/Home Attestation:

It is for attesting personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate etc. First, you need to attest your documents from an authorized notary and later the document was attested from the state Home department. 

Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

It is for attesting commercial documents from the respective state chamber of commerce. 

GAD Attestation:

It is the general Administration Department attestation. It is for attesting educational documents issued from the states of Andhra and Telangana. 

MEA Attestation

MEA attestation is the second stage in the certificate attestation process in India. It is done after the respective state attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs. Other than the normal MEA Attestation, the Ministry also offers Apostille Attestation. MEA Apostille attestation is required for travelling to Hague member countries. 

Embassy Attestation 

Embassy attestation is the final stage of certificate attestation process in India. After the Mea attestation, one has to attest the documents from the embassy of the country one is intending to travel. 

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