Documents Required For Applying Jobs Abroad


Important Documents to Submit While Applying for Jobs Abroad

Are you aiming for employment abroad? There is a lot of documentation required for getting a work permit or visa to another country. Just like the formalities involved in getting a job in your own country, certain paperwork is required when you plan to apply for jobs abroad. It is mandatory to submit these documents to get a job abroad.  Some of the important documents that you are required to submit includes:

Copy of Passport

Copy of your passport is a must when you travel abroad. Your passport must be valid and you need to make sure that it is updated and error-free. Some countries require 6 months of passport validity. You need to renew your passport if your passport validity has expired. As the renewal process for a passport will take a little time, it is better to check your passport validity earlier than waiting till the last moment.

Educational Credentials/ Credential Evaluation Reports

Educational credentials is another important document that you will require abroad for getting better employment opportunities. Some countries ask for an educational credential evaluation report for familiarizing with the education system in your home country. Credentials documents are essential to prove that you are qualified for the job. These credential evaluation reports will give a better understanding of your education system to your employer.

Updated CV

CV or resume is an unavoidable document when you apply for a job in your home country or abroad. Your CV should give a picture of your education and professional qualification to your employer in a detailed way.  

Experience Certificate

An experience certificate is another mandatory requirement for skilled workers who are going abroad for better career prospects. You need to provide experience certificates for proving your prior work experience in your home country.

Attested Documents

To get a work permit abroad, it is mandatory to attest your personal and educational documents from your home country. It is mainly done for authentication purpose to avoid forgery, misrepresentation and issuance of fake documents. For that purpose, you need to attest your educational documents from the respective state HRDs. HRD attestation is done from the state where the certificate was issued. After that, you need to do the MEA attestation. Finally, you are required to get the embassy attestation from the embassy of the country you intend to immigrate.

These are some of the documentation that you will require while applying for a job abroad. It is essential to provide these documents for getting the right job for you. Urogulf helps you to do the certificate attestation for your educational, personal and commercial documents to immigrate abroad.

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