Importance of Educational Certificate Attestation

educational certificate attestation

The main step to authenticate any document is through attestation from a certified authority. Educational certificate attestation is done for authenticating the credentials with a seal by a certified authority for various purposes. Attestation is needed for various purposes like immigrating to foreign countries for employment, to get admission in foreign universities or other purposes abroad.

Educational certificate attestation is mandatory if you want to enrol in foreign universities. It is also required to authenticate the documents for doing an educational credential assessment. The main motive for doing certificate attestation is to avoid the issuance of fake documents, forgery and misrepresentation of documents to use abroad. Employers, educational institutions or licensing agencies in foreign countries require educational documents to make sure that the candidate is qualified for the position. Only attested documents are accepted by the authorities so that they can authenticate the document.

The first step in educational certificate attestation is university verification. Your credentials have to be first verified and certified by the registrar or the concerned authority from the university where you completed your education. University verification on certificates proves that you have indeed completed your studies from the respective university. After university verification, the educational documents are attested from the Human Resources Department [HRD] of the respective states. Each state has its own respective HRDs for completing the attestation process. HRD attestation is done only for government recognized educational documents.

After the state attestation, the educational documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] for attestation. MEA attestation is mandatory for doing embassy attestation. The documents are submitted to the embassy of the country that you are intending to travel for attestation. To know more about educational certificate attestation, please visit,

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