Attestation Services for Dubai


Attestation Services for Dubai

UAE is one of the fastest-growing business hubs that connects east and west. The tax-free regime, investor-friendly atmosphere, economic stability and free trade zones have helped Dubai to firmly established as a highly potential economy within a short span of time.

Every year lakhs of people migrate to Dubai in search of employment or for setting up a business in the country. You need to go through a lot of paperwork to get a work permit or business license in Dubai. Dubai follows a strict regime when it comes to documentation. Document attestation is one of the most important processes for getting a work permit or license in Dubai.

Certificate attestation is mainly done to authenticate your documents issued from your home to use in Dubai. Documents are attested from the country where it was issued and submit to the UAE government for authentication purposes. You will get your work permit or business license only after the approval of the UAE government.

Attestation Process for Dubai

Attestation is mainly done for documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational documents and commercial documents. The main attestation process for Dubai from India involves:

HRD Attestation:HRD attestation is done for government recognized educational documents. HRD attestation is done from the state where you completed your education. Each state has its own HRD department for attestation.

Notary Attestation: Notary attestation is done for personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, affidavit etc.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation: Commercial documents are attested by the respective chamber of commerce.

MEA Attestation: After the state attestation, documents are attested from the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA attestation is necessary for getting embassy attestation.

Embassy attestation: To immigrate to Dubai, you need to get your documents attested from the UAE embassy in India.

Planning to get a work permit or set up a business in Dubai? Urogulf offers quick and hassle-free attestation services in Dubai. We help you to get your certificate attested within no time and help you to save time and effort.

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