Attesting a Document from India

attesting document from india

What is the General Process Involved in Attesting a Document from India?

Are you planning to seek employment abroad? Do you want to pursue higher education from reputed foreign universities? Then it is time for you to familiarize yourself with the attestation processes for attesting a document from India. Certificate attestation from your home country is mandatory for getting visas and work permit abroad.

Attestation is the act of formally certifying the documents to prove its authenticity with the sign and stamp of verifying personnel. Attestation is essential to prove the authenticity of your documents. It is mainly needed to avoid the forgery, misrepresentation and identity theft. Attestation is mainly done from the country where the certificate was issued.

In India, there are various processes involved in attestation of your certificates. Generally, attestation is done by the state home departments, Notary, Ministry of External Affairs, Sub-Divisional magistrate etc. Some of the general processes of certificate attestation in India is as follows:

HRD attestation: HRD attestation is for attesting your educational documents. It is done by the State HRDs. Each state has its HRD department. HRD attestation is done only on government recognized educational certificates. It should be done from the state where you completed your education.

MEA Attestation: MEA attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA attestation is mandatory for getting embassy attestation. There are two types of MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation. MEA attestation and Apostille Attestation. Apostille attestation is required to travel to Hague convention member countries.

Embassy Attestation: Embassy attestation is done by the embassy of the country you are intending to travel. Embassy attestation can only be done after the MEA attestation. In most cases, you will not require embassy attestation for travelling to Hague convention member countries.

These are the main processes involved in attesting a document in India. Depending on the nature of the document that you want to attest and the country that you are intending to travel, the attestation process change. There are other attestation processes like MOFA attestationNotary attestation, GAD attestation, Commercial document attestation, SDM attestation, PCC attestation etc.

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