Certificate Attestation For UAE


Experience Certificate Attestation For UAE

Got a job offer in UAE? Do you need to attest your experience certificate for employment in UAE? We can help you to get your experience certificate attested for UAE. Experience certificate attestation is required for experienced employees who are planning to migrate to foreign countries for better career prospects.

Experience or employment certificate is a formal letter issued by the previous employer to certify that the employee has worked in their organization for a particular time period. Experience certificate mentions the name of the organization you last worked, the time period that you worked in that organization, designation etc. It gives insight to your experience in a particular field that you gained during the period of your employment in your prior organization.

The attestation of experience certificate is crucial when you migrate to countries like UAE. You are required to attest the experience certificate to prove its authenticity. The attestation verifies and authenticates the experience certificate issued from your home country. Experience certificate attestation is mainly done to avoid forgery, fraud and misrepresentation of documents submitted by the candidates.

Need For Experience Certificate Attestation For UAE

Experience certificate attestation is required for 

  • Getting a work permit in specific profession or sector in UAE

  • Applying for a job with specific years of experience

  • Changing to a new job

The Procedure of Getting Experience Certificate Attestation for UAE

To get your experience certificate attested, you need to first do the notary attestation/Home attestation. After that, you need to attest it from the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA]. Once you completed the MEA attestation, you need to do the embassy attestation from the UAE embassy.

Urogulf is one of the best certificate attestation companies approved by ministries and embassies in India and abroad will help you to get your experience certificate attestation for UAE on time. To know more about experience certificate attestation services in UAE, please visit, https://www.urogulf.com/

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