Certificate Verification


Certificate Verification 

Are you planning to go abroad for further studies? If yes, you may have heard the need for doing certificate verification for educational certificate attestation to use abroad. What is certificate verification or university verification? What is the need for such verification in the first place?

Well, certificate verification is necessary for getting admission to universities and schools abroad. It is also necessary for getting work permit abroad. Certificate verification is required to attest your educational documents. It should be done by the university where it was issued.

Why You Need University Verification

University verification is mandatory to prove that your certificates are authentic. It is done to avoid the issuance of fake certificates, fraud and misrepresentation of documents. Over the past years, the incidents of fake certificates have been on the rise. To avoid these, the foreign universities, schools and employers demand the verification of your educational documents.

University verification is necessary to get your certificates attested from the HRD department. It is the first step in the certificate attestation process. University verification is done by an authorized officer and after that, it is sent to the respective state HRDs for attestation. It is done to prove that the particular degree certificate was issued by the university.

University verification of certificates is a mandatory requirement for getting WES Canada and the US. Without university verification, WES verification cannot be completed. It is necessary to receive recognition of your previous studies in your home country.

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