Embassy Attestation Services in India


Embassy Attestation Services in India

Embassy attestation is necessary for everyone who plans to travel abroad for higher studies or employment. Embassy attestation is mandatory in almost all countries. It is required to prove the authenticity of the documents provided by you. To know the authenticity of the documents, the country that you intended to travel ask you to get the documents attested from their embassy in your home country.

Procedures of Embassy Attestation Services in India

Embassy attestation in India mainly has three processes. They are: 

HRD [Human Resources Department] Attestation or Notary Attestation: In HRD, you need to get your educational documents attested from each concerned state HRD. Educational documents are attested from the state where you completed your education. Notary attestation is done for personal documents.

MEA [Ministry of External Affairs]: After HRD, documents are submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation. There are two types of MEA attestation. They are (1) Normal Attestation and (2) Apostille stamp attestation. MEA apostille attestation is done for the 105 Hague member countries. Only one apostille attestation is required for these countries. Normal attestation is done for non-Hague member countries. 

Embassy Attestation: Here, you need to submit the attested documents from HRD and MEA to the embassy of the country that you want to travel in your home country for verification. 

Need For Embassy Attestation 
Embassy Attestation is necessary for traveling abroad for various purposes. If you are traveling to abroad for higher studies, you need to provide all your educational certificates attested. You need embassy attestation services for

  • For getting admission in foreign universities and schools
  • For getting a work permit
  • For getting family/residence visa
  • For sponsoring spouse
  • For starting new business or opening a new branch in abroad.
  • To Migrate or settle in abroad
There are many certificate attestation service providers who can help you with the embassy attestation process. Urogulf is one of the largest ISO certified attestation company approved by ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We also provide embassy attestation services in the following countries

Urogulf can help and assist you with certificate attestation, authentication, and verification services from anywhere. To know more about the service, please visit our website or contact our customer care

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