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UAE Announced Charges for New Long Term and Multi Entry Visas

On Saturday, the UAE government announced charges for Long term UAE residence visas with 10-year validity and five-year validity. As per the announcement, 10-year validity UAE visa can now be obtained for AED 1150 and five-year visa can be obtained for AED 650.

Earlier, the UAE government has announced these long term visa schemes which was granted to investors, exceptional talents, doctors, engineers, scientists, artists and everyone who positively contributes to the success story of the UAE.

Those who fall into these approved categories can apply to issue or renew the 10-year visa for AED 1150 [AED 150 for the application and AED 1000 for issuance] and five-year validity visa for AED 650 [AED 150 for application and AED 500 for issuance].

Along with the long term visas, the UAE government also announced fees for single and multi-entry visas for exceptional talents and researchers in various sectors. Both single and multi-entry visas valid for 180 days will cost AED 1100 [AED 100 for the application and AED 1000 for issuance].

The new long term visas and multi-entries have given new hope to the Indian investors in the UAE. Many Indians were among those who received the new long term visas.

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