MOFA Attestation Procedure

mofa attestation

MOFA Attestation

Migrating to another country in search of a job, further higher education, or for a better lifestyle is a common phenomenon nowadays. Along with a valid passport and visa, you also require attested documents for authentication purpose. Attested documents are mandatory to get work permit abroad.

Certificate attestation is a very complicating process. You need to attest the documents to verify its authenticity. It is necessary to avoid the risk of fraud and fake attestation. Procedures like HRD attestation, MEA attestation and embassy attestation are required for getting your documents attested. MOFA attestation is also necessary to validate the authenticity of the document abroad.

What is MOFA?

The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs [MOFA] is a government department that deals with the foreign affairs and diplomacy of a country. MOFA handles the immigration, embassy and visa verification process.

What is MOFA Attestation

Certificate attestation is required to migrate to another country. Other than HRD, MEA, Embassy, you are required to get MOFA attestation from the country that you are intend to travel. It is done to ensure the credibility and genuineness of the document. MOFA attestation is a mandatory requirement in many countries. It is needed to get a work permit, resident permit etc.
MOFA attestation is done for all types of documents. That includes:

  • Educational Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

How to Do MOFA Attestation

MOFA attestation is the final process in certificate attestation. For MOFA attestation, depending on the document, you need to get HRD/Notary/Home/Chamber of Commerce attestation at first. You have to attest the documents from the state where the document was issued. Educational documents are attested from concerned state HRDs, while personal documents are attested by Notary and commercial documents by the Chamber of Commerce. After HRD, the documents are sent to the Ministry of External affairs for attestation. If the country you are going to is a Hague member country, then you need to get apostille attestation. Otherwise, you only need to get a normal MEA attestation. Later, these documents are sent to the embassy/consulate of the destination country situated in your home country.

After the embassy attestation, the documents are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attestation. Only after MOFA attestation, you are eligible to get the work permit or resident visa abroad. MOFA attestation can also be done when you reach the destination country.

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