Need for HRD attestation


What is the need for HRD attestation for getting employment abroad?

Are you planning to travel abroad in search of better employment opportunities? Getting employment abroad is the ultimate dream of many as it offers more financial stability, career growth, lifestyle and explores new prospects of life.

There are a lot of formalities that one needs to complete to get a work permit abroad. You need to provide documentation of your educational credentials, prior work experience and training, copy of passport and visa etc.

One of the important requirements for getting employment abroad is to attest your educational and personal documents.  For that, you need to do the certificate attestation form your home country itself. HRD attestation is required on your educational documents for the purpose of authentication abroad.

What is HRD Attestation and Why You Need It for Employment Abroad?

HRD attestation is a procedure of legalizing your documents after verification by the government. HRD attestation is done only for government recognized educational certificates. It is done by the State from where you completed your education. For example, if you completed your education from Kerala, but you are a resident of Tamil Nadu, you need to do the Kerala HRD attestation or Norka attestation on your educational documents. Each state has its own HRD department to carry out the process.

HRD attestation is mainly done after the university verification. It is done to prove that your educational documents are authentic and valid. HRD attestation is done on educational documents to avoid fraud, forgery and misrepresentation of the credentials. When you travel abroad for employment purpose, it is mandatory to provide your educational credentials. It is essential because your employer may not be familiar with the education system of your home country. These educational credentials will provide them with enough information about the education you gained in your home country. It is also essential to prove that you are qualified for the position you are applying for.

So, are you waiting for your formal job confirmation abroad? Then, waste no time to do the certificate attestation process for your education as well as your personal documents. We can help you to complete your attestation process. Contact Urogulf Global Services, an ISO certified attestation company approved by ministries and embassies in India and abroad, for HRD attestation.

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