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Why NNAS Process is Important to Become a Nurse in Canada

Are you a nurse looking for a job in Canada? But doesn’t know the immigration procedures required for getting a nursing job in Canada? Canada is one of the best countries that offer the best working conditions for nurses. High salary packages, career flexibility, flexible work schedules etc attract nurses to opt Canada as their job destination. 

To apply for a nursing job in Canada one must go through certain procedures. National Nursing Assessment Services [NNAS] is one such procedure to get a nursing license in Canada. NNAS is mandatory if you completed your nursing education outside Canada. If you are an Internationally Educated Nurse [IEN] and want to work in Canada, then you are required to apply with the NNAS. 
NNAS helps nursing regulatory bodies in Canada to review and store the documents submitted by the IENs to get a nursing license and work in Canada. You can apply to be a Registered Nurse [RN], Licensed Practical Nurse [LPN], Registered Psychiatric Nurse [RPN] in Canada. 

The main role of NNAS is to 

  • Verify your documents 

  • Store and secure all the submitted documents 

  • To compare your credentials to Canadian standards

To apply for NNAS, you are required to set up an online account and complete the application. After paying the required fees, you need to submit documents for verification. You are eligible to apply for NNAS if you have never registered to work as a nurse in Canada before and completed your education outside Canada. 

To apply for NNAS, you need to submit the following documents:

  1. NNAS Application

  2. Fees

  3. All required Documents [Education, work experience if any,]

  4. Document translation if required 

  5. Language proficiency test results [if needed]

You need not apply for NNAS if you have worked in Canada before as a nurse or completed your nursing education in Canada. 
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