PCC Attestation


Everything You Need to Know About PCC Attestation

Police Clearance Certificate [PCC] is necessary for travelling abroad. PCC is needed to immigrate, employment, higher studies abroad. It is a requirement for getting residential visa, long-term visa etc. PCC is not given for persons who are travelling abroad on tourist visa. It is issued to Indian passport holders to travel abroad.

Police Clearance Certificate is essential to verify whether you had any past criminal record in your home country. Some countries ask for PCC when you go abroad or apply for a residence visa. It is required to ensure that the person is not harmful to the country.

Issuance of PCC

PCC certificate is issued by the Regional Passport Office or the Police Department. The PCC is mostly valid for 1 to 3 months. It depends on the issuing country.  

Why You Need PCC Attestation from India to Travel Abroad

PCC Attestation is done to authorize the document with official seal and signature. An attested PCC document proves that the document is genuine. The certificate is attested from the state where it was issued. PCC attestation is needed for relocating to another country in search of employment or higher studies. Several foreign countries ask for Police Clearance Certificate from the immigrants for security reasons.  

How Urogulf Can Help in PCC Attestation

Urogulf Global Services is an ISO certified attestation company approved by Ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We are the largest attestation company in the world that provides certificate attestation, authentication and verification services. Established in 2004, Urogulf has more than one hundred offices across India and abroad.

Urogulf helps you in attesting your PCC certificate. It is an essential document for living abroad. We can help you in completing the entire PCC attestation formalities. You can submit the necessary documents in any of the offices of Urogulf in India and abroad. Our team of professionals ensures that your document is attested.

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