Things to Know Before Going Abroad for Higher Education


10 Things to Know Before Going Abroad for Higher Education

Studying abroad is a dream for many. Many students want to pursue their higher studies in reputed foreign universities. Planning for higher studies in foreign universities requires great preparation and planning. There are many things you need to keep in mind while preparing for higher education in foreign countries.

Here are some of the things you need to know before going abroad for higher education:

1.Do your Research

Research is a first and foremost thing to do before planning to do your higher education in foreign universities. You need to gather all the available information regarding the university and the course that you opt for. You must also do thorough research on the fees, accommodation etc.

2.Passport, Visa and Flight Bookings

Another important step is to get a passport and visa. The formalities of getting a student visa vary from country to country. It is necessary to make sure that all the paperwork related to visa is done. Do the flight bookings as early as possible to avoid the last minute rush.

 3. Credential Evaluation and Educational Documents

Credential evaluation is a must in many of the foreign countries. The credentials evaluation is a must for understanding your educational background. Countries like the US and Canada have WES verification for credential evaluation. Other than that, there will be process like certificate attestation for getting a student visa in foreign countries. For that, you need to get HRD attestation, Home attestation, MEA attestation and embassy attestation for your educational and personal documents.

4.Travel Documents

Another important thing to remember is preparing necessary travel documents to use abroad. Each country requires you to carry certain documents for identification and verification purpose. Prepare your travel documents based on the country that you are travelling to.


Many foreign universities offer scholarship programs for students to help them. Do a thorough research about the scholarship offered by the university that you opt for.

6.Fee and other cost details

Before planning to study abroad, do a detailed research about the money that you are going to spend for your higher education. Get a detailed information about the fees and accommodation rate by contacting the university authorities or locals in that country. Plan a budget according to that. You also need to keep yourself updated with the currency exchange rate.

7.Social customs

A little research on the social customs and laws of the country that you are travelling to is necessary to get a better understanding of the culture of the country.


Get a detailed picture about where you are going to stay, what are the accommodation facilities available nearby your university locality. You should also enquire whether the college provide accommodation facilities for students.

9.Bank Account

You need to open a bank account in abroad for your transaction needs. For that you need to get an idea about the banks of that country. You should also contact your bank for knowing whether they have an international presence. If they have, get information about how the debit and credit card work overseas.

10.Medical Check ups 

Get your health check up and necessary vaccinations before leaving for abroad. Some countries want you to get your medical check up before providing the visa.
These are some of the things you need to check before planning to go abroad for higher studies.

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