WES verification

wes verification

WES verification Explained

WES evaluation is an important step for migrating to countries like Canada and the US. It is required to complete your credential evaluation process. WES evaluation is required to give recognition to the educational credentials you gained from your home country. The WES report compares and identifies the Canadian equivalent of the education you gained outside Canada.

WES evaluation helps employers and educational institutions in Canada to get a better understanding of your education gained outside Canada. WES evaluation report is widely recognized by the licensing boards, educational institutions, employers across Canada.

Procedures for WES Verification

The main procedures for WES evaluation for Canada immigration are as follows

WES Application: You need to register and submit your application for WES evaluation on the official website of WES . After the submission of the application, you will get a WES reference number.  

University verification: After applying, you need to do the university verification for your required educational documents from the university where you completed your education.

Submission of Documents: After university verification, documents are sent to the WES for evaluation.

WES report: After verifying your documents for authenticity, if approved, WES will provide you with a WES evaluation report.

We assist you to get your university verification for WES Canada evaluation from the universities where you completed your education. To know more about our university verification for WES credential evaluation, please visit.

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