What are the things you need to know about attestation


Everything You Need to Know About Attestation 

We have seen people migrating to other nations every year in search of employment, education, better living conditions etc. Even though most people don't know about the processes involved in the migration other than the need for a valid passport and visa. Certificate attestation is an important process that you need to complete to use your documents abroad. If you are planning to migrate abroad, there are certain things that you should know about the attestation process. 

Things You Need To Know About Attestation 

Attestation is the process of verifying your certificates by a designated authority or person by providing a seal or stamp on the certificate. There are some important things you should know about the certificate attestation. They are
  1. Certificate attestation is mainly done to authenticate your documents to use abroad.
  2. It is necessary to avoid fraud, misrepresentation and forgery of documents. 
  3. Certificate attestation is required for getting a work permit, residence visa, admission in foreign schools and universities. 
  4. An attested document helps the authorities in foreign countries to ensure that your documents are authentic and genuine.
  5. Attestation is done from the country/state where the certificate was issued. If you are born in Kerala but completed your education from Tamil Nadu, then you need to attest your educational documents from Tamil Nadu. 
  6. Certificate attestation is done for personal documents, educational documents, commercial as well as personal documents. 
  7. There are different processes involved in attesting a document. These processes vary from state to state. 

Following are the main processes involved in attesting a document, They are

  • The HRD attestation is done only for educational documents. Each state has its own HRD departments. It is done only for government approved educational documents. 
  • The Notary Attestation is for attesting personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, will, affidavit etc and for non-educational documents. 
  • Commercial documents to use abroad are attested by the respective state Chamber of Commerce. 
  • You can also do SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) Attestation for personal and non-educational documents from Delhi. 
  • MEA attestation is done only after completing the state attestation process. MEA attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. It is important to get the embassy attestation
  • MEA Apostille attestation is done for travelling to Hague convention member countries. 
  • Embassy attestation is done from the embassies of the country that you are intending to travel. If you are migrating to the UAE, then you need to do the embassy attestation from the UAE embassy in India
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