Need for Certificate Attestation


Need for Certificate Attestation

"You need to get your certificates attested..." Many of you who wish to travel abroad for job or studies have surely heard of the certificate attestation for completing the visa process. Some people have no idea 'what certificate attestation is' and the procedures related to it. First, let's get familiar with what certificate attestation is.

What is Certificate Attestation

If you are planning to travel abroad for studies or job, then you are bound to provide certain documents to the officials for verification purpose. The country that you are intended to travel need to know the authenticity of the documents that are provided by you. Therefore, they want you to submit the documents which are attested by their embassy in your country. 

Documents Needed For Attestation

The documents that are required for attestation depends upon the type of visa you are applying. For example, if you are going for studies, you need to submit all your educational certificates for attestation. If you are intending to take your spouse along with you, you need to provide attested marriage certificate for verification. 

How Certificate Attestation is Done

People always find it difficult to understand the complexity and procedures of certificate attestation. 
Let's see the process of Certification Attestation in India. Generally, there are three phases in the process of certificate attestation. 

HRD or Human Resources Development Attestation is the first phase in the certificate attestation process. In this phase, you will submit your educational and non-educational certificates in the HRD department of concerned state (where you completed your studies) for verification. They will verify your documents and do the attestation. 

MEA or Ministry of External Affairs attestation is the net phase in the certificate attestation process. Here, attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA provides two types of document attestation. They are MEA attestation and Apostille Stamp attestation. 

MEA Attestation 

This is the normal attestation services done by the Ministry of External Affairs. 

Apostille Stamp Attestation

India is one of the 105 member countries of the Hague Convention. According to the Hague Convention, it abolished the need for legalization of foreign public documents. Apostille stamp attestation is acceptable in all the member countries of the Hague convention. 
Embassy Attestation

It is the last phase in the process of certificate attestation. The verified documents from MEA are submitted to the embassy for attestation. 

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