Norka Attestation Services

Need For Norka Attestation


Most of the Keralites have heard about Norka Roots while planning to go abroad. Have you ever wondered what Norka Roots is and the services provided by Norka Roots? 

Norka Roots

Norka is Non-Resident Keralites' Affairs Department. Norka Roots is launched by the Kerala government to address the grievances of non-resident Keralites. Norka also provides attestation services for people who are planning to go abroad for employment or higher studies. Norka is the official agent for HRD attestation in Kerala

Attestation Services by NORKA

Norka provides HRD attestation facilities at their centers. Norka verifies the educational documents and provides attestation. Anyone who wishes to do the HRD attestation has to come to the Norka office with their certificates and ID card for attestation. Either the person himself/herself or any blood relative has to come to the office for attestation. Apart from HRD attestation, Norka provides MEA attestation, embassy attestation, and apostille attestation services

Need For Norka Attestation
Norka Attestation is mandatory for educational documents. Anyone who has completed their education from government recognized universities and schools in Kerala has to get HRD attestation from Norka roots. It is necessary for getting admission in foreign universities and schools. Norka attestation is also required for migrating to another country for employment purposes. Norka attestation is needed for

               * Getting admission in universities and schools abroad

               * Migrating to another country

               * Getting a work permit

               * Starting a new business or branch abroad

Urogulf Global Services is an attestation company approved by the Ministries and embassies in India and abroad. We offer certificate attestation, authentication, and verification services for our customers. We offer fast and reliable norka attestation services for our clients without any delay. To know more about norka attestation services, contact our customer care.

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