Interim Visa for Residence Visa Seekers
UAE residence visa

UAE announces 6 - month Interim Visa for Residence Visa Seekers
On Wednesday, UAE announced 6 month interim visa for expats and thereby giving opportunities to individuals to renew their status, ...

MOFA Attestation Procedure
mofa attestation

MOFA Attestation
Migrating to another country in search of a job, further higher education, or for a better lifestyle is a common phenomenon nowadays. Along with a valid passport and visa, you also require attested documents for authentication purpose. Attested documents are mandatory to get work permit abroad.

Certificate attestation is a ...

MEA attestation process in India
mea attestation process

Planning to migrate to another country for higher studies or employment is a big step in everyone's life. The paperwork behind those journeys are also important to secure admission in foreign universities and to get work permit abroad. In that phase, many of you ...